C3 Energy Smart Grid Analytics™

C3 Energy offers smart grid analytics SaaS solutions that enable utilities to realize the full promise of their investments in the smart grid.

C3 Energy customer Analytics™

Analytics. cloud computing.

C3 Energy Smart Grid Analytics™

C3 Energy provides a unified and cohesive SaaS product architecture that enables utility operators to realize the full benefit of their smart grid and energy system investments.

C3 Energy Grid Analytics™

C3 Energy supply-side analytics solutions deliver the full value of today's smart grid investments by:

  • Optimizing asset utilization and efficiency
  • Reducing operational and capital costs
  • Anticipating and responding to system disturbances
  • Operating resiliently under adverse conditions
  • Accommodating generation and storage options
  • Enabling new products, services, and markets

C3 Energy Customer Analytics™

C3 Energy demand-side analytics federate energy usage data with industry benchmarks, weather records, building characteristics, sustainability protocols and other external data to enable customers to better understand their energy use and encourage energy-saving behavior.

User-friendly digital portals provide customers with accessible, actionable information and recommendations and help utilities track the impact of targeted energy savings recommendations and rebates.


Identify tampered, bypassed, and malfunctioning meters. Reduce power lost to theft and meter malfunction. Detect load profile anomalies and outliers.

  • Track Progress-to-Goal
  • Identify Meters Using Geospatial View
  • Analyze Revenue Opportunities by Region
  • Prioritize High-Value Opportunities

C3 Outage Analysis, Prediction,
& Restoration™

Analyze the extent, duration, and sources of grid outages. Track power restoration activities. Predict and avoid outages due to equipment and asset failures.

C3 AMI Operations™

Increase effectiveness and efficiency of Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) asset deployment. Identify asset installation and performance issues. Generate work orders. Monitor and reconcile AMI and customer data.

  • Track Asset Deployment Progress-to-Goal
  • Geospatially Track Asset State
  • Monitor Detailed AMI Deployment Metrics
  • Monitor AMI Asset Health Metrics

C3 Customer Reliability & Safety™

Direct grid investments to customers with greatest outages. Cost effectively monitor and meet reliability and safety goals across the grid: feeders, feeder segments, and customers.

  • Analyze Impact of Grid Investments
  • Visualize Service Territory Reliability
  • Monitor Outage Impact on Customers
  • Review Feeders Impacted by Outages

C3 Asset & System Risk™

Identify distribution assets at risk of failure. Monitor asset and system performance and reliability. Predict asset risk and quantify customer impact.

  • Analyze Grid Asset Risk
  • Quantify Customer Risk Impact
  • Visualize Color-Coded Circuit Risk
  • Track Asset Investment Projects

C3 Voltage Optimization™

Reduce voltage variations across distribution networks. Lower and right size voltages at feeder sources. Estimate financial savings and provide feeder remediation recommendations.

C3 Customer Segmentation & Targeting™

Target customers for rate, demand management, and energy efficiency programs. Predict program adoption rates. Utilize customer demand behavior to optimize grid planning and operations.


Optimize demand response by better understanding and predicting load and load reduction at multiple levels of granularity.

  • Alerts about Near-Term Peak Load Events
  • Displays Size of Peak and Load
    Reduction from Demand Response
  • Geospatial View of Peak Load
  • Identification of Meters with Potentially Malfunctioning Load Control

C3 Substation Automation™

Monitor substation and remote switching equipment. Optimize inspection and maintenance schedules.

C3 Volt/VAR Optimization™

Remotely monitor and control the distribution network through capacitor banks, tap changers, and voltage regulators. Track minimum voltage and power flows necessary for system reliability.