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C3 Enterprise™

Customer engagement and energy efficiency portal for large enterprises.

  • Rich Energy Analytics
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Plan
  • Geospatial View

Analyze Energy Usage

Visualize energy trends across facilities, analyze energy usage based on a range of key performance indicators, and compare to industry benchmarks.

  • 85 KPIs Energy Consumption per Square Foot
  • Analyze Any Facility or Group of Facilities
  • Review Any Specific Data and Time Increment To Review

Benchmark Energy Dynamics

Benchmark facilities against one another and industry standards. Rank them by:

  • Energy Usage and Spend
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Peak Energy Usage
  • Industry-specific KPIs

Rich Energy Analytics

Real-Time energy performance analytics:

  • Single or Multiple Facilities
  • Entire Facility Portfolio

C3 Enterprise for iPad

Instantly accessible energy management tailored for the iPad.

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Energy Analysis and Summary
  • Optimized Mobile User Interface